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Kyle Wells
GIS Analyst

What is GIS?

GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is a technology platform used to capture, manage, analyze, and display real-world geographically referenced information. The Public Works GIS staff supports activities of the City and its citizens by creating and maintaining accurate, high-quality maps to simplify daily operations for departments, aid decision makers in short-term and long-term planning, as well as provide information to the public.

Types of data include zoning, land-use, parks, trails, sidewalks, street signs, boulevard trees, streets, utilities (electric, water, sewer, and storm sewer), voting wards and districts, cemetery plots, and capital improvement projects. This data can be used to track asset locations and records in the field to perform and report maintenance, analyze infrastructure data to budget and plan maintenance and replacement schedules, and visualize capital improvement plans to guide budget decisions. Maps can be both dynamic or static. Static maps stand still; whereas, dynamic maps are interactive.

The GIS staff create maps used internally by City Staff as well as maps for the general public. Take a look at our public facing maps below!

Interactive Maps
2022 Year in Review!
Parks and Trails

Story Maps
Gravel Bed Tree Nursery
1899 Cyclone

PDF Maps
Campground Map
Golf Cart Route Map
Official Map
Parks and Trails Map
Recycling Districts
Winter Trails at Golf Course
Zoning Map

Voting Ward Map
County Supervisors