Office: 156 East First Street | New Richmond, WI 54017
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Friday 7:00 - 11:30 am 

Parks & Trails

Erik Evenson
Director of Public Works

Rob Weldon
PW Operations Manager

Jamie Larson
Public Works Assistant

MISSION: The mission of the New Richmond Park Department is to provide areas and opportunities for the City’s residents and visitors to relax, recreate and experience natural beauty, and to provide means for safe and convenient bicycle and pedestrian travel within the City.

The City’s Park Department is responsible for maintenance of the City’s parks and trails, consisting of 270 acres of passive and active parkland and 19.5 miles of trails. Specific duties of the department include:

1)    Removing snow and ice from City trails, sidewalks and parking lots
2)    Grooming the City’s cross-country ski trails
3)    Painting City park buildings and equipment
4)    Maintaining and replacing playground equipment
5)    Preparing athletic fields
6)    Maintaining, renovating and constructing City park shelters, bathrooms,
        warming house, campsites, concession stands, ballfields and ice rinks
7)    Trimming and maintaining trees in the City
8)    Maintaining flowers and shrubs in City parks and property
9)    Maintaining and repairing trucks and equipment
10)  Mowing grass in City parks

STAFFING: The staff of the Park Department consists of Park Department Employees Dave Mehls, Tim Leverty, and Josh Hines.