Office: 156 East First Street | New Richmond, WI 54017
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Friday 7:00 - 11:30 am


Rae Ann Ailts
Asst City Administrator/Finance Director
Ph. (715) 246-4268

Beverly Langenback
City Treasurer
Ph. (715) 246-4268

Lexi Derrick
Financial Management Analyst
Ph: (715) 246-4268

Mission Statement
The Finance Department will support the mission of the City of New Richmond by being responsible stewards of our financial resources and serve our customers with dignity and respect. To work collaboratively with all City staff to investigate, initiate, and reinvent existing processes.  To develop fiscal policies that ensures a financially strong and effective city government.  To implement financial policies and procedures that are consistently monitored and reviewed to maintain the financial integrity of the City. To exemplify a commitment to working with staff, stakeholders, residents, businesses and elected officials to help the community prosper.

Rae Ann Ailts
(Asst City Administrator/Finance Director) and
Beverly Langenback (Treasurer)
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Adopted Budgets8 documents

  • 2022 Budget
    document Header 2022 Budget
  • 2021 Budget Book
    document Header 2021 Budget Book
  • 2020 Budget Book
    document Header 2020 Budget Book
  • 2019 Budget Book
    document Header 2019 Budget Book
  • 2018 Budget Book
    document Header 2018 Budget Book
  • 2017 Budget Book
    document Header 2017 Budget Book

Under Discussion Budget2 documents

  • 2022 Under Discussion Budget - Worksession #2.pdf
    document Header 2022 Under Discussion Budget - Worksession #2.pdf
  • 2022 Under Discussion Budget - Worksession #1.pdf
    document Header 2022 Under Discussion Budget - Worksession #1.pdf

Capital Improvement Plans3 documents

  • 2022-2026 Capital Plan (Preliminary Needs Report)
    document Header 2022-2026 Capital Plan (Preliminary Needs Report)
  • 2021 Capital Improvement Plan - Forecast 2022 - 2025
    document Header 2021 Capital Improvement Plan - Forecast 2022 - 2025
  • 2020 Capital Improvement Plan
    document Header 2020 Capital Improvement Plan

Financial Statements5 documents

  • 2020 Financial Statements
    document Header 2020 Financial Statements
  • 2019 Financial Statements
    document Header 2019 Financial Statements
  • 2018 Financial Statements
    document Header 2018 Financial Statements
  • 2017 Financial Statements
    document Header 2017 Financial Statements
  • 2016 Financial Statements
    document Header 2016 Financial Statements

Quarterly Financial Reports11 documents

  • Financial State of the City (Jan - May 2020)
    document Header Financial State of the City (Jan - May 2020)
  • 4Q21 Financial Report
    document Header 4Q21 Financial Report
  • 4Q20 Financial Report
    document Header 4Q20 Financial Report
  • 3Q21 Financial Report
    document Header 3Q21 Financial Report
  • 3Q20 Financial Report
    document Header 3Q20 Financial Report
  • 3Q19 Financial Report
    document Header 3Q19 Financial Report
  • 2Q21 Financial Report
    document Header 2Q21 Financial Report
  • 2Q20 Financial Report
    document Header 2Q20 Financial Report
  • 2Q19 Financial Report
    document Header 2Q19 Financial Report
  • 1Q21 Financial Report
    document Header 1Q21 Financial Report
  • 1Q19 Financial Report
    document Header 1Q19 Financial Report